The Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Arts (GH/MC) Council was formed in 2005 when the Grandview Library and the Grandview Parks and Recreation Department asked local residents to step forward to take over the task of organizing the Lazy Daze of Summer Festival.  This annual event featuring the work of local craftspersons and artists had been presented by the Library and City since 1994. 

Several individuals interested in continuing the Lazy Daze tradition, plus expanding the scope of arts-related activities in the Grandview/Marble Cliff community, agreed to lead the new group.  Chief among them was Ruthanne James who became the president of the Arts Council upon its formation as a 501 (c)(3) non for profit entity.  

Ice sculpture at the 2007 Lazy DazeThe GH/MC Arts Councilís mission is to enrich the life of the community through experiences that promote, support, and encourage the arts, art education, and creativity.

With the help of photographer Ed Winters of Tri Village Studio and graphic designer Mike Dexter of Ianarinno Dexter Creative, the Arts Council created a special poster to celebrate the Centennial of the City of Grandview Heights and offered it for sale in 2006.  Called A Century of Welcomes, it included over 60 photos of charming front doors of Grandview Heights residences and schools.  A limited quantity of these posters is still available for sale.

In fulfillment of its mission, the Arts Council has also partnered with the Library and the City of Grandview Heights to present a variety of free events for the enjoyment of local residents.  In 2007 and 2008 a live performance of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Ö Abridged by Actorís Theatre was offered.  The Arts Council also co-sponsored a concert by Theresa Cincione, a New York opera singer originally from Grandview, in February, 2009. 

The Arts Council honored local graphic designer Mike Dexter of Ianarinno Dexter Creative at a reception hosted by the Grandview Library in April 2009.  Dexter has designed each of the posters and t-shirts related to the Lazy Daze Festival since 1994.  A gallery featuring all of the Lazy Daze posters hangs in the Library for the public to enjoy.

The Arts Council also has a presence at the Grandview Hops, held along Grandview Avenue on the last Saturday evening of the month from April through October.  Framed posters, including those from recent Lazy Daze festivals and A Century of Welcomes are available for purchase.

The Arts Council is always seeking the input and the involvement of local artists and patrons of the arts as it pursues its goals to raise awareness of the arts in the community as well as raising money to fund a scholarship for graduating high school seniors interested in pursuing a college degree in an arts-related program.