Artist's Statement

Kimm Grey is a native of Columbus, Ohio, and graduated in 2001 from Worthington Kilbourne High School, Worthington, Ohio. She received two distinguished honors as a high school senior - Best Artist of 2001 and a scholarship from the Worthington Art League. After graduation, she took time off from her education and entered the work force. In 2003, she served her community by participating in the AmeriCorp Program through the Greater Columbus Arts Councilís after-school program, entitled Children of the Future.  In a position as an art instructor, she used fundamental art techniques to help inner city children of Columbus communicate, develop self-esteem, and build constructive conflict resolution skills. After serving four years in this community work, she entered college at Columbus State Community College. She graduated with an Associate Degree of Art in March 2009. 

While attending college, she also managed an art business by traveling throughout Central Ohio selling her art work at art festivals. Kimm was a featured artist at the North Marketís Artisan Sundays, North Marketís Food and Ohio Wine Festival, North Marketís Holiday Extravaganza, Community Festival (ComFest), Worthington Farmersí Market Day, Agora 6,  Salt Fork Arts and Crafts Festival and Lazy Daze of Summer in Grandview Heights.  Her art won two recognitions in 2009 - Best of Show in Lazy Daze of Summer in Grandview Heights and Second Place at The Salt Fork Arts and Crafts Festival.

Kimmís original art work is a series that combines a wide range of recycled paper. She brings the paper to life through her creative designs which capture colors and unique shapes. Some pieces stand alone while others are grouped together to extend the visual movement of the viewer. Conveying everyday sensations, she hopes to grab the viewersí attention using her personal designs.

She uses materials that vary from paint strips, tissue paper, wood stains, rice paper and homemade paper to create different images. Kimm uses scissors to hand cut her art; no digital design is involved. She then combines all materials using adhesives to glue the collages together. Kimm uses no horse glue.

Her companyís name, Meatless Art, simply best describes her personally. Kimm has been a lacto-vegetarian since she was twelve years old. She chose a name that represents her passion and personality. She loves to teach and educate others around her about the wonderful world of vegetarianism, but has never forced her beliefs upon anyone. She does find it hilarious that she makes people smile with just the idea of meatless art.