Library Exhibits

Library Exhibits and Art Collections

In cooperation with the Grandview Heights Public Library, the GHMC Arts Council coordinates monthly art displays and collections. Exhibits are scheduled six months in advance and are displayed for an entire month.

The art area has slat walls with special hangers. One wall is 21 feet long and 8 feet high, and a balcony wall is 3.5 feet high by approximately 60 feet long. An easel at the reference desk announces the show, and signs with your name are provided throughout the display area and on the bulletin board at the north and south entrances to the library.

The library submits publicity to several publications, and artists can also list the work being displayed with prices if for sale.

The library also offers two showcases for information and collections. The showcase on the lower level has three adjustable glass shelves, 10" deep and 36" wide, and is lit from the top. The showcase in the upper level has two adjustable glass shelves, 22" deep by 23" wide and is also lit from the top.

Anyone interested in displaying artwork or collections should contact Ruthanne James, President of the GHMC Arts Council at 614.486.6456.

Ruthanne James's Pez collection

Classes at the Library

Two times a year the Arts Council teaches a class at the Grandview Library. We plan to add roughly five after school art activities for children in the future as well.